2020 Nomination Form
Women in Leaders in Traditionally
Male-Dominated Industries
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Nominations close on June 5, 2020 at 12 am cst.
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The ZeroGap 2020 Women in Leadership Awards highlight women leaders in traditionally male-dominated industries.

A woman who has made significant contributions to her industry. She is a role model and advocates for gender parity within her industry while empowering and supporting other women in the workplace. She emphasizes building honest relationships, values input has the mindset of a problem-solver and leads with courage, confidence, commitment and integrity.
Nominate a Women Leading in a Male-Dominated Industry
That's almost every industry
Can I Nominate Multiple Times
Yes, complete the nomination form(s)  by June 5, 2020. 
You Can Nominate Yourself
Complete the nomination form by June 5, 2020. 
Is There a Nomination Fee
There is no fee associated with the nomination.  
Nomimees and Winners will be notified by September 7, 2020.  
Typically nominees for the Leadership Awards work in a traditionally male-dominated industry where they accelerate at leadership and innovation. In addition, they stimulate the professional growth of those they manage or mentor through their actions and encouragement. 

How are the winners chosen? Honorees are selected by a panel of committee members based on nomination forms.

Event sponsors do not participate in judging and hold no influence over the selection process. The judges try to select finalists and winners that best represent the everyday leadership. Judges are looking for a compelling story of success in the past 12 to 14 months.